These Star Wars Valentine’s Cards Will Get You Love Without Using the Force

Star Wars Valentines cards

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Star Wars does not only give us epic fight and space scenes. It also gives us a couple epic love stories such as the romantic pairing of Han Solo and Leia Organa and the doomed romance of Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker.

So, yes – Star Wars can still be relevant on Valentine’s Day! Get to know more about the romantic side of this sci-fi franchise with these Star Wars Valentine’s Cards.

Love you, I do

Love you I do Star Wars Valentines cards

Master Yoda is known to be very wise but he has this odd way of speaking backwards. Fun fact: this is a tactic so that the audience would listen with focus every time he says something. After all. Yoda has a lot of wisdom to share. You can say I love you the Yoda way with this card from JoyAddict.

Tall, Darth, and handsome

tall Darth and handsome Star Wars Valentines cards

To the ladies who have a tall, dark, and handsome man who also happens to be a certified Star Wars geek, this is the Valentine’s card for you. This will be a hit if he loves Darth Vader too. Show him that he is your tall, Darth, and handsome Valentine with this card from Moonpig.

BB mine

BB mine Star Wars Valentines cards

Ask your loved one to be yours on the day of love with this BB mine Valentine’s Card. The card features the adorable astromech, BB-8 and the droid is showing his heart. You can order this card from Scribbler.

You’re the reason I can’t breathe

You're the reason I can't breathe Star Wars Valentines cards

Tell your loved one they take your breath away the Darth Vader way with this Star Wars Valentine’s card. This is sweet and at the same time funny since we all know that Darth Vader does have a life support system to help him breathe behind his mask. You can order this handmade card from AvEHdesigns.

The force is strong with this one

The force is strong with this one Star Wars Valentines cards

Show your loved one that you are the chosen one with this baby Yoda card. You get plus points by using baby Yoda, which almost every girl can’t resist. You can order this card from Moonpig and have it personalized.

Don’t fly solo

Don't fly solo Star Wars Valentines card

Are you confessing your feelings and pursuing a new love this Valentine’s Day? Do you want to make things official? Win your potential date with this Hans Solo-inspired Valentine’s Day personalized card. You can order this from Funky Pigeon.

We can rule the galaxy

Together we can rule the galaxy Star Wars Valentines cards

Here’s a Star Wars Valentine’s Card that says you can do a lot of things as long as you are together. The graphics are also very simple featuring light sabers and a heart. You can check this card out and do customizations in Venngage.

I am your valentine

I am your Valentine Star Wars Valentines cards

Darth Vader’s most famous line is “I am your father.” This Valentine’s card makes use of that line and confidently tells the receiver “I am your Valentine.” It’s not too aggressive if you give it to someone who will get the reference. You can order this card from LovePop.

You’re the Obi-Wan for me

You're the Obi-Wan for me Star Wars Valentines card

The wise Obi-Wan Kenobi makes an adorable hearts day pun with this message. This is a free printable so, if you’re on a budget, just print this out and craft your card yourself. The best thing about it is this one is a part of a Valentine’s Day card set. Check out the other illustrations and get the download from Our Handcrafted Life.

You like Star Wars too much

I love you even though you like Star Wars a bot too much Star Wars Valentines cards

For those who have a Star Wars die-hard fan as a partner and do not share that interest, this is the card for you. The design is simple but the message is hilarious. It definitely shows that you love each other even though you do not share the same interests. You can get this card from Scribbler.

These Star Wars Valentine’s Cards can easily win over anyone – especially when your partner loves Star Wars. May the force be with you as you pursue your loved one!

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