Bring Color in Every Step with these Pokemon Socks

Pokemon socks

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Colorful socks are in these days and when it comes to colorful socks, nothing beats the colors that Pokemon socks can give you.

With so many Pokemon characters, you get to have a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. Check out this list of cool Pokemon socks!

Team Rocket HQ collection crew socks

Team Rocket HQ collection crew Pokemon socks

Team Rocket is probably one of the best parts of Pokemon. We know they are the villains but they make trouble look fun and stylish! You can express your love for Team Rocket with these Pokemon socks. You can order a pair from the Pokemon Center.

Eevee see-through socks

Eevee see-through Pokemon socks

Pokemon fan girls will fall in love with these cute Pokemon socks. It has a see-through part so you can wear them with U-cut shoes or dress sneakers! There is a cute Kawaii Eevee print too! Order this pair from Blippo.

Pikachu tail socks

Pikachu tail Pokemon socks

Make every step you make electrifying with these Pikachu tail socks from ItsOnlyDamo. It can be both subtle and eye-catching at the same time. Pokemon fans will be able to recognize that tail from any angle.

Poke Ball argyle fleece socks

Poke Ball argyle fleece Pokemon socks

Here’s something trendy, comfy, and yet low-key. In fact, people can’t tell that you have Pokemon socks on from afar until they are close enough to spot the Poke ball print. You can order this pair from the Pokemon Center.

Mew sports socks

Mew sports Pokemon socks

This pair of pink sporty socks features the mythical Pokemon, Mew. This Pokemon is known to approach and appear only to people with a pure heart and those who have a strong desire to see it. But with you, you can be approachable all the time since these socks can show how fun you can be. You can order a pair from Zing Pop Culture.

Hidden Pikachu fleece socks

Hidden Pikachu fleece Pokemon socks

Yellow lovers will fall in love with these Pikachu-themed Pokemon socks. Pikachu is hiding among the classical stripes design. The socks also come with fluffy cuffs to help you stay warm during chilly days. You can order one from the Pokemon Center.

Bulbasaur socks

Bulbasaur Pokemon socks

Bulbasaur is one of the first three Pokemons a player can choose from in the Game Boy version of the game and he has remained to be a favorite. These socks come in his signature cool colors. You can order this pair from the Anime Store.

Pikachu cute faces crew socks

Pikachu cute Faces crew Pokemon socks

This pair of bright yellow socks features everyone’s favorite Pokemon – Pikachu. The design shows Pikachu making different cute faces. You can get this pair of socks from Zing Pop Culture.

Electabuzz and Magmar mismatch crew socks

Electabuzz and Magmar mismatch crew Pokemon socks

Mismatching socks is a quirky trend these days. So using two dynamic Pokemons who have a love-hate relationship with each other is a genius idea for this pair of socks. Frenemies Magmar and Electabuzz make this pair of mismatched socks a lot more fun. Order this from the Pokemon Center.

Meowth Pokemon socks

Meowth Pokemon socks

If you are a fan of Meowth and you want low-key socks that you can wear to work, look no further. You can still bring Team Rocket’s famous sidekick with you wherever you go. You can get these socks from Pokemon Faction.

Pokemon socks come in so many designs it would take a while to shop for your favorites – you would definitely want to wear them all!

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