5 Stylin’ Avengers Shoes

5 Stylin' Avengers Shoes

Avengers has hit it big with main stream movies. These days our superhero’s are no longer confined to the comic book fans. With the surge in popularity has come a lot of great Avengers themed items. Today we will highlight 5 really cool Avengers shoes we have found. [Read more…]

5 Amazing Wonder Woman Birthday Cakes

Wonder Woman Birthday Cakes

Wonder Woman has been one of my biggest inspirations ever since I was a little girl.  As an adult, I enjoy here character even more than I did as a child.  Her ability to be strong, find the truth, and handle situations calmly (or even violently when the situation called for it) just solidified her as a character that became a role model in my eyes.  With superheroes gaining popularity again, I have been super excited to find that Wonder Woman has started to become mainstream again. [Read more…]