5 Amazing Wonder Woman Birthday Cake Design Ideas

Wonder Woman Birthday Cakes

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Today, I’m bringing you five of the coolest Wonder Woman birthday cake design ideas that I have been able to sniff out and drool over from around the corners of the internet!  

Wonder Woman has been one of my biggest inspirations ever since I was a little girl.  As an adult, I enjoy here character even more than I did as a child.  Her ability to be strong, find the truth, and handle situations calmly (or even violently when the situation called for it) just solidified her as a character that became a role model in my eyes.  With superheroes gaining popularity again, I have been super excited to find that Wonder Woman has started to become mainstream again.

With superheroes gaining popularity again, I have been super excited to find that Wonder Woman has started to become mainstream again.  Why?  Because anything that hits mainstream, or close to it, gets a ton of fan art and other creative things done that have been inspired by it.

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Wonder Woman Fondant Birthday Cake

Wonder Woman Fondant Birthday Cake

This Wonder Woman-themed birthday cake features a fondant design of the iconic superhero, with her red, blue, and gold costume and signature tiara. Golden buttercream swirls top the cake, and stars adorn the sides. It’s a perfect centerpiece for any Wonder Woman fan’s celebration. 

Wonder Woman Doll Cake

Koalipops WonderWoman Cake

How cool would this be for a birthday cake?  I really wouldn’t want to cut into it!  This Wonder Woman Doll Cake was designed and created by the ever talented JK at Koalipops.  If you check out his facebook page or youtube, he has videos teaching us how to make his wonderful masterpieces!

Handpainted Wonder Woman 2 Tiered Cake

Bella Cakes Wonder Woman Cake

This beauty was handpainted with vodka and gel pastes by Vicky over at Bella Cakes.  I absolutely love the comic book flare of the way she painted this!  You can check out this cake and follow her other awesome creations at her facebook page.

Everything Wonder Woman Cake

Arte da Ka Wonder Woman Cake

This fake cake has it all!  Wonder Woman’s tiara, the Lasso of Truth and all the colors we know and associate with Wonder Woman!  This fake cake was designed and created by ADK, Arte da Ka, who teaches classes on cake decorating online with fake cakes.

Girl Power Wonder Woman Cake

This cake full of girl power was designed and created by the incredibly talented Lisa at 21 Cake Lane.  The details on this cake are all fondant with the Wonder Woman image having been hand painted on coloured fondant.  You can check out her other creations on her facebook page!

Comic Style Wonder Woman Cake

California Cakeldy Wonder Woman Cake

Doing something totally different, this cake’s design was made using an edible printer to print the image of Diana onto the fondant!  You can follow Suzanne and all of her beautiful work on her facebook page at The CakeLdy.

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