Star Wars Bookmarks for Stories that Take You Far, Far Away

Star Wars bookmarks

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Nothing kills the time like a good book. The greatest stories can transport you to any fictional world that is far, far away.

If you are a huge Star Wars fan and a bookworm, you need to check out this collection of Star Wars bookmarks and make your next reading session epic.

Darth Vader bookmark

Darth Vader Star Wars bookmarks

This Star Wars bookmark will have Darth Vader peeping out of your book. The bookmark is made from a 3D printer and the material is made out of biodegradable filament which is a plus to the environment. You can order one from Casma3D.

Anakin Skywalker lightsaber bookmark

Anakin Skywalker lightsaber Star Wars bookmark

This Star Wars bookmark is made out of alder wood and it has a clear lacquer finish. The bookmark may be made out of wood but it is slim enough to not leave permanent gaps or wedges in your books. And the shape and engravings on it will make you feel like you have a real lightsaber on your hands. You can get this bookmark from Juniper and Ivy Designs.

Return of the Jedi 40th anniversary bookmark

Return of the Jedi 40th anniversary Star Wars bookmarks

This slim bookmark is an official Star Wars merchandise and it shows amazing artwork. The slim design makes it easy to use for all types of books and journals. It also has a striking yellow beaded tassel so that you can easily find it and start your reading where you left off. You can order this from the Trends International Store.

Leia 3D bookmark

Leia 3D Star Wars bookmarks

This bookmark is an officially licensed Star Wars merchandise that you can add to your Star Wars memorabilia. The bookmark’s tassel comes with a silicon collectible badge. You can order this bookmark from Artgame.

May the book be with you bookmark

May the book be with you Star Wars bookmarks

This clear acrylic bookmark features Grogu more commonly known as baby Yoda. It does a wordplay on the popular Star Wars franchise, “May the force be with you.” You can order one from FarEtchedByTony.

Ahsoka bookmark

Ahsoka Star Wars bookmarks

Are you a fan of the Ahsoka series? She’s becoming one of the most popular female figures people love in the franchise. This Ahsoka Tano bookmark will be a treat for your next reading session. You can order this handmade Star Wars bookmark from SenaarArts.

Droids 3D bookmark

For lovers of the droids of the Star Wars franchise, here is a bookmark that features the three major droids – C-3PO, R2-D2, and BB-8. The bookmark’s tassel has a silicon collectible badge featuring BB-8. You can order this bookmark from Artgame.

The child pod bookmark

The child pod Star Wars bookmarks

Let Grogu help you keep track of where you have left off in your book with this cute bookmark. The bookmark is an officially licensed Star Wars merchandise. You can get one from Merchandizing Plaza.

DIY Star Wars corner bookmarks

DIY corner Star Wars bookmarks

If you are feeling creative, why not do your own Star Wars bookmarks? Here, the artist shows you how to do corner bookmarks featuring different Star Wars characters. You can get the full tutorial from Instructables.

DIY Star Wars bookmarks

DIY Star Wars bookmarks

This is a cute portrayal of popular Star Wars characters for a bookmark and you can easily make one for yourself. Visit Big Family Blessings to print out the template and start creating your own cute Star Wars bookmark!

With these Star Wars bookmarks, you will be ready for any adventure every time you open a book.

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