Taylor Swift Birthday Cakes Any Swiftie Would Love

Taylor Swift birthday cakes

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Do you have a die-hard Swiftie fan in your life whose birthday is coming up soon? One sure way to win their hearts over is to get them Taylor Swift birthday cakes!

Read on to see a list of pretty Taylor Swift birthday cakes that can stand as the inspiration for a custom-made cake from your favorite bakery or something that you can bake yourself.

Folklore-inspired cake

Folklore-inspired Taylor Swift birthday cakes

This minimalist cake from Sprinkles for Breakfast is inspired by Taylor Swift’s album, Folklore. Remember how everything seemed to be in the woods? The tree design is also very easy to replicate so this is a great idea for those who plan to make the cake themselves.

All Too Well cake

All too well Taylor Swift birthday cakes

Aegyo Cakes recreated the birthday cake from Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” music video. Remember that birthday scene when the guy did not show up? This cake looks exactly the same as the one in the music video!

22 Cake

22 Taylor Swift birthday cakes

This cake from Classy Girl Cupcakes is pretty obvious. If you have to ask why this is a Taylor Swift cake then maybe you are not a Swiftie. And obviously, this is perfect for a Swiftie that turns 22. Don’t you just love how they also added a (Taylor’s version) in support of her re-recorded songs – only here, you get to use the celebrant’s name.

Midnights inspired cake

Midnights-inspired Taylor Swift birthday cakes

This birthday cake from Sprinkles for Breakfast is inspired by Taylor Swift’s Midnights album, particularly the song, “Meet Me at Midnight.” It’s a great birthday cake for that special someone but you can just always remove the lyrics so the message becomes platonic. The moon and the stars as cake toppers are also a nice touch.

Reputation-inspired cake

Reputation-inspired Taylor Swift birthday cakes

One glance at this cake from Baker’s Table and you immediately know that this one is inspired by Taylor Swift’s Reputation album. The mosquito print design makes it stand out and there’s a torn part on top where you can place your Happy Birthday message.

Lover-inspired cake

Lover-inspired Taylor Swift birthday cakes

This pretty pastel marble cake by Aegyo Cakes is inspired by Taylor Swift’s Lover album. It’s a great choice for Swifties who love their pinks and pastels. And maybe instead of Lover on top, you can also have the celebrant’s name.

Blank space-inspired cake

Blank Space-inspired cake

Remember that pretty white heart-shaped cake in Taylor Swift’s Blank Space music video? The one that bleeds out when she cuts into it? You can have that same cake as well and it turns out that despite the cake depicting a broken heart, it is actually good to the taste. Check out the recipe from How to Cook That.

Style-inspired cake

Style-inspired Taylor Swift birthday cakes

Taylor Swift is known for her red lips – you barely see her wearing other lipstick shades. And of course, the lyrics to her song, Style, emphasize that with the lyrics “And I got that red lip classic thing that you like.” This Taylor Swift cake from Sprinkles for Breakfast is all about that.

Any Swiftie will feel extra special once they blow their birthday candles on these Taylor Swift birthday cakes!

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