Step into the Wizarding World with these 5 Pillowcases

Harry Potter Pillow Cases

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Harry Potter and his adventures took the Muggle world by storm when the series first came out. Yet the storm still rages on for all Potterheads who just aren’t willing to let the magic go.

And if you’re still waiting by the chimney to receive your letter from Hogwarts, then this might be what you need to spice up your living room. Make use of these wizarding pillowcases and show off your magic without giving away your witchy secrets.

The Marauders Map Pillowcase:

A pillowcase with the Marauders Map on it

This pillowcase is the perfect Harry Potter inspired decor for your home. With the vintage coffee stained parchment paper of the Marauders Map, you can almost see the tiny footsteps moving across it. Add a touch of enchantment to your life as you cozy up to this pillow with your favourite book.

Velvet Pillowcases:

Pillowcases with the symbol of the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw houses

The subtle yet eye catching design of these pillowcases leave nothing to be desired. Whether you want to represent your house colors or go for a more subtle reference to your favorite series, this seller has the design for you. Designs range from house animals to Luna’s glasses, the Deathly Hallows symbol, and even Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes logo. These intricate pillowcases will add the perfect homely touch to your reading nook.

The Hogwarts Castle Pillowcase:

Pillowcase with a simple silhouette drawing of the Hogwarts castle

What could be more fitting for a Hogwarts graduate than a pillowcase showing the resplendent silhouette of the Hogwarts Castle? Also, if your style is more minimalistic, then this is the perfect choice for you. And just like the Hogwarts Castle, it will leave an impression on everyone who views it!

The Memorabilia Pillowcase: 

Pillowcase with a number of small designs related to the Harry Potter franchise

This design has a little bit of everything from the Harry Potter franchise. From butterbeer mugs to Harry’s Firebolt and the Deathly Hallows symbol, this pillowcase is sure to take you down memory lane. This is definitely a statement piece and will loudly declare to any Muggle that you are a loud and proud Potterhead.

The Boy Who Lived Pillowcase:

Pillowcase with Harry Potter

This particular pillowcase features The Boy Who Lived front and center, making it a statement piece for any room in your house. With special attention to detail and high quality fabric, it adds a dash of enchantment to your space. 

Elevate your home decor with the charm and nostalgia of Harry Potter. Accio coziness and style as you transform your living space into a haven of wizardry with these Harry Potter pillowcases. Soon enough, your house will be indistinguishable from the comfort of a Hogwarts common rooms.

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