Stand Out From the Crowd With These Quirky Doctor Who Shoes

Doctor Who shoes

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Are you a huge Doctor Who fan? Do you love shoes? If you combine these two passions, you end up with a totally unique pair of shoes that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Most of the shoes in this list are custom-made so rest assured that these are shoes that you won’t just see anywhere. But some of them are easy enough to create yourself! Check out these quirky Doctor Who shoes.

TARDIS galaxy sneakers

TARDIS galaxy Doctor Who shoes

These high-top Converse sneakers got a Whovian makeover. The hand painted design features a flying TARDIS and the Doctor Who logo against a galaxy background. You can also get this design on low-top Converse sneakers. You can order this pair from Custom Converse.

Doctor Who and TARDIS shoes

TARDIS and Doctor Who shoes

This pair of Doctor Who shoes is truly unique because of its mismatched looks. One side symbolizes the Eleventh Doctor and the other symbolizes the TARDIS. Even the heels get a revamp! You can easily pull this off or ask an artist friend to do it for you. Get the tutorial from Doodlecraft.

Whovian Vans

Whovian Vans Doctor Who shoes

Here’s another Eleventh Doctor and Tardis mismatched combo. This time, the design is on a pair of black laceless Vans sneakers. You can get the full tutorial from Brazen Bernadette.

Embroidered Doctor Who shoes

Embroidered Doctor Who shoes

Good at needlework? Do you have a pair of old plain sneakers that needs some sprucing up? Check out the Doctor Who-themed embroidery work in this handmade beauty. This was created by a Whovian to wear to a Doctor Who convention. Get a closer look at what Doctor Who elements she chose in Eclectic Wonderland.

Dalek and TARDIS high tops

Dalek and TARDIS Doctor Who shoes

These pairs of Converse high tops got a Doctor Who makeover. The hand painted design features the Daleks and the TARDIS. If you want a pair of these, you can get one from the 8mShop.

TARDIS sneakers

TARDIS Doctor Who shoes

These DIY TARDIS sneakers are a treat to the eyes. If you want to make your own Doctor Who shoes, starting out with shoes that are already in dark blue will save you a lot of time. Visit The Farmer’s Daughter for complete step-by-step instructions.

Bad wolf graffiti

Bad wolf graffiti Doctor Who shoes

Looking for something kinda low key but recognizable to fellow Whovians? Check out this Converse high top with Bad Wolf graffiti on the inner-facing sides of each shoe. You can order one from Custom Converse.

TARDIS wedding shoes

TARDIS wedding Doctor Who shoes

Every wedding needs something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. This bride chose to go for a TARDIS-inspired pair of shoes for her something blue and pulled it off quite nicely. These Doctor Who shoes are custom made and you can check out the tutorial at Instructables.

Doctor Who wedding shoes

Wedding Doctor Who shoes

Here is another great idea for the Whovian bride. The custom paint job involves a TARDIS with a galaxy background on the back of these classy white high heels. So, you still have elegant bridal shoes that come with a Whovian edge. Check out this work from Gemma Kenwards Shoes.

Pink galaxy Doctor Who shoes

Pink galaxy Doctor Who shoes

Tired of the usual blue color when it comes to Doctor Who? These Doctor Who shoes feature a TARDIS with a pink galaxy background. Waterproof pigment is used for the hand painted design. You can order one from My Painted Shoes.

Walking around in these Doctor Who shoes would make you feel like you are time-traveling. And because each item on this list is unique, they make for great conversation starters too! Get ready to stand out from the crowd and strike up a conversation or two with these Doctor Who shoes.

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