Stand Out and Be Uniquely You in these Wednesday T-shirts

Wednesday t-shirts

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Wednesday Addams is an iconic character and is a favorite go-to for girls every Halloween. When Netflix brings to life her character, Jenna Ortega’s portrayal boosted Wednesday’s popularity more than ever.

One of the best ways to show you are a fan is to get yourself a t-shirt. Check out this list of Wednesday t-shirts that will help you express your love for Wednesday and stand out in a crowd.

Dancing Queen

Dancing queen Wednesday t-shirts

Wednesday Addams dancing is one of the most iconic scenes in the Netflix series. If you love her moves, this Wednesday t-shirt is the perfect choice for you. You can order one from TheKraftyShoppeco.

In a world full of Mondays, be a Wednesday

In a world full of Mondays Wednesday t-shirts

Here’s a Wednesday t-shirt that encourages you to stand out and be yourself – no matter how awkward or creepy you may seem. It’s better than having a Monday-like personality, right? Get this shirt from OrchidShopCreations.

Wednesday Addams vector art t-shirt

vector art Wednesday t-shirts

This Wednesday t-shirt shows a vector art print of Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams. The unisex shirt is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. You can order this shirt from Printerval.

Nevermore Academy

Nevermore Academy Wednesday t-shirts

This Wednesday t-shirt will make you feel like you are going to the same school as Wednesday Addams. It’s a great plus if you are the type who likes to connect University shirts. You can order this cotton T-shirt from Everydaydesi.

We don’t hug

We don't hug Wednesday t-shirts

Not a fan of physical contact? This Wednesday t-shirt will warn others for you. Now people will think twice before giving you a warm embrace – or at least have the decency to ask you first. Get this shirt from CoccinelleArtDesigns.

Wenclair t-shirt

WenClaire Wednesday t-shirts

The friendship shared between Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair in the Netflix series is an inspiring one. At first glance, it seems like they have nothing in common but their bond still grew strong through time. If you ship their friendship, you can order this from the King Shirt Store.

Logo fan art Wednesday t-shirt

Logo fan art Wednesday t-shirts

This is a fan art logo-like design showing Wednesday and the letter “W” inside a circle. The shirt is made out of a very soft cotton material, making it a relaxing and cool top to have. You can order one from Everydaydesi.

Life is too short to be anything but yourself

Life is too short Wednesday t-shirts

Here is another Wednesday t-shirt that encourages you to be yourself. After all, we should not live most of our lives pretending to be something else just to please other people. You can get this shirt from StaySmartDesign.

Umbrella poster Wednesday t-shirt

Umbrella poster Wednesday t-shirts

This Wednesday t-shirt is a drawing cover of the Netflix poster for the series. The poster where Wednesday holds an umbrella under the rain is probably the most popular one and you can now have it as a shirt. You can order this from the Love Cages shop.

I’m not in a bad mood, this is just me

I'm not in a bad mood Wednesday t-shirts

Do people tell you that you have a resting bitch face? This is the perfect Wednesday t-shirt for you. It lets everyone know that you are not mad – that’s just the way you look. Get this shirt from DeemonicClothing.

With these Wednesday t-shirts, you are bound to stand out and be uniquely you!

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