10 Magical Harry Potter Cakes That Will Impress Any Potterhead

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The coming-of-age story of Harry Potter is a magical adventure that even adults can’t resist. It’s no surprise that Harry Potter is a popular theme for parties and other occasions – even weddings!

And one of the best ways to establish a Harry Potter-themed party is to make a Harry Potter cake. Whether you want to make one on your own or you are looking for a custom-made design that would wow your guests, you will find something on this list that will call out to you.

Hogwarts Castle Birthday Cake

Hogwarts Castle Birthday Cake

A magical Harry Potter-themed cake that brings Hogwarts to your table, featuring detailed towers, turrets, and the iconic characters perched on a rocky outcrop, ready to celebrate in wizarding style. This edible work of art is a spellbinding centerpiece for any Potterhead’s birthday, promising to make the day as enchanting as the series itself.

The Golden Trio

The golden trio Harry Potter cake

This cake from Cloud 9 Bakeshop mixes in a lot of elements from the Harry Potter world and cute kawaii versions of the Golden Trio: Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The details in this cake are amazing – the spell book looks close to the real thing.

Quidditch Pitch Cake

Quidditch pitch Harry Potter cake

Harry Potter will not be complete without a game of Quidditch. This Harry Potter cake from Sweetie Pie Bakes Stuff recreates the Quidditch pitch with the Snitch in the middle of the field.

Hagrid’s Birthday Cake for Harry

Hagrids Harry Potter Birthday Cake

This rich, chocolate cake from In Bloom Bakery was created to look exactly the same as the birthday cake Hagrid made for Harry on his 11th birthday with the iconic “Happee Birthdae Harry” in bright green icing. You can find this scene in Sorcerer’s Stone. The pink butterbeer frosting is just the same as the one shown in the movie.

Golden Snitch Cake

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Cake

The golden snitch is a famous Harry Potter icon and this cake recreates it in great detail. This could also be a tricky recipe since you are dealing with a round cake but if you are up to a challenge, this will be fun to make for you. You can get the full tutorial from Ashlee Marie.

Harry Potter’s Glasses

Glasses and Gryffindor Scarf Harry Potter Cake

The red and yellow colors of Gryffindor on this cake makes it an eye-catching treat. It is topped with Harry Potter’s initials and his iconic round glasses. The red frosting is red velvet and there is also a buttercream frosting in the middle of the cake. Get the full recipe from Holly in the PNW.

Monster Book of Monsters Cake

Monster Book of Monsters Harry Potter Cake

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, we get introduced to the Monster Book of Monsters. This is a required reading for students who enrolled in the Care of Magical Creatures course taught by Hagrid. This version created by Peanut Blossom is a fun and child-friendly version of the book.

Hedwig Cake

Hedwig Harry Potter Cake

This cake features Hedwig, Harry Potter’s pet owl. As we all know, Hedwig was a gift to Harry from Hagrid and the owl plays an important role in Harry’s life. Hedwig comes with a vibrant Gryffindor scarf. The cake is vanilla and the frosting is buttercream. you can get the full recipe from Coles.

Pink Harry Potter Cake

Pink Harry Potter Cake

Want something girly that still expresses your love for Harry Potter? Check out this cake created by Frangipani Bakery. You get a pastel pink cake with lavender foliage and the Harry Potter elements and initials are in gold.

Slytherin Cake

Slytherin Harry Potter Cake

Feeling sly? Or maybe you are just one of those persons who roots for the bad guys. You can release your dark side with this Slytherin cake from Delicious By Linzi! It features a very detailed Slytherin uniform. This one looks too pretty to eat!

Hogwarts Castle Cake

Hogwarts Castle Harry Potter Cake

For those who want to go the extra mile, why not recreate Hogwarts Castle instead? This wonderful creation by cake decorator Jescos is made out of cake, gingerbread, ice cream cones, RKT, and a lot of fondant!

No matter what the occasion, no matter what your preferences are, there are so many ways to make a Harry Potter cake!

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