Have a Magical Night With These Harry Potter Pillowcases

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Your pillow is important when it comes to getting quality sleep. To make the experience more magical, you should sleep on one that has a Harry Potter Pillowcase.

A Harry Potter pillowcase is a piece of merchandise that you can put to good use. For Potterheads who have transformed their bedroom into their own version of Hogwarts or for those who are into Harry Potter collectibles, check this list out.

Expecto patronum

expecto patronum Harry Potter pillowcase

The Patronus charm is a complex and advanced spell that conjures a “guardian.” So Expecto patronum are the right words to protect you while you sleep. Think of it like a Dreamcatcher! You can order this beautiful Harry Potter pillowcase from Pottery Barn.

Midnight at Hogwarts

Midnight at Hogwarts Harry Potter pillowcase

If you are a fan of satin pillow cases, this is the Harry Potter pillowcase for you from Kitsch. The print features the Hogwarts house crests and a starry night pattern. This pillowcase is available in queen and king sizes.

Hogwarts invitation

Hogwarts invitation Harry Potter pillowcase

If you do not want anything splashy or colorful, check out this Harry Potter pillowcase. It is a sealed envelope containing Harry’s invitation to attend Hogwarts. It looks very neat and classy. You can order this from the Jay Franco store.

Hogwarts houses set

Hogwarts houses Harry Potter pillowcase

This is a pillowcase set for four throw pillows. Each pillowcase features a Hogwarts house. So, you have Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor. The designs are not as flashy as the others on the list so they can look very neat in your living room or bedroom. You can order this set from Cayyon.

I’d rather be at Hogwarts

I'd rather be at Hogwarts Harry Potter pillowcase

This Harry Potter pillowcase is cute and chic. And who knows, maybe your desire to be at Hogwarts will be reflected in your dreams every time you use this pillow. This actually comes in a set with a matching duvet cover. You can place an order at Dunelm.

Owl post

Owl post Harry Potter pillowcase

The print on this satin pillowcase features Hedwig, Harry’s pet and messenger owl. You can order one from Kitsch. The satin material will help tame your hair while you sleep so you get to wake up each morning with less frizz.

Gryffindor pattern

Gryffindor Harry Potter pillowcase

Gryffindor is the house where the brave at heart dwells. If you are team Gryffindor, this is the Harry Potter pillow case for you. The pattern shows the colors of Gryffindor and there is also a small crest at the side. You can order one from Zing Pop Culture.

Sporty Slytherin

Sporty Slytherin Harry Potter pillowcase

For the determined and the cleverly ambitious, Slytherin is the house for you. Take note that the sorting hat once considered putting Harry under Slytherin. If you are a Slytherin fan, this is the Harry Potter pillow that you should get. This pillowcase is reversible and you can get it from Jay Franco.

Ravenclaw pillow

Ravenclaw Harry Potter pillowcase

For the curious and intellectual Potterheads, Ravenclaw is the house to be. If you believe you belong to Ravenclaw, this is the Harry Potter pillow case for you. The blue pillow features a raven. You can order one from Adairs.

Hufflepuff pride

Hufflepuff pride Harry Potter pillowcase

For the just and loyal, Hufflepuff is the house to be. Hufflepuffs are known to be hard-working as well so every Hufflepuff fan deserves a great pillow to rest on. This is a reversible pillowcase so you actually get two designs as one. You can order this one from Walmart.

Deep, uninterrupted sleep is essential to help us recharge and be ready for the next day. With these Harry Potter pillowcases, you will certainly have magical dreams.

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