Have a Cozy and Purr-fect Drink with these Cute Hello Kitty Mugs

Hello Kitty mugs

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Sanrio’s Hello Kitty is the most popular cat in the world. She has been the face of so many childhood accessories and is Sanrio’s leading character.

Most girls don’t outgrow their love for this pop culture icon and have continued collecting Hello Kitty merchandise into adulthood. If you are one of these Hello Kitty collectors and you love your hot drinks, you should check out this list of Hello Kitty mugs.

Hello Kitty face sculpted mug

Face sculpted Hello Kitty mugs

This Hello Kitty mug is an official Sanrio product so it would be a valuable piece for your collection. The mug is sculpted to Hello Kitty’s face with the original red ribbon. It’s one of the classic Hello Kitty looks. You can make an order at Sanrio.

Winking Hello Kitty pink mug

Winking Hello Kitty mugs

This Hello Kitty mug is so popular that it is sold out on the Sanrio website. Fortunately, you can get this Sanrio product from Meg on Etsy. The design is very simple and very pink with an engraved marking of Hello Kitty’s wink face on it.

Hello Kitty love heart mug

love heart Hello Kitty mugs

This one practically spreads the love around. This ceramic mug features a sitting Hello Kitty holding a red heart with “love” written on it. Her signature red bow has a pink heart in the middle. You can order this mug from Hot Topic.

Good Things are on the way mug

Good Things are on the way Hello Kitty mugs

For those who tend to consume their hot drinks slowly, this is the perfect Hello Kitty mug for you. The ceramic mug comes with a lid and spoon. The lid has a slot for the spoon so your drink stays covered and protected even with the spoon in it. You can find this mug at Mercari.

Hello Kitty full-body sculpted mug

Full body Hello Kitty mugs

This Hello Kitty mug features Hello Kitty’s whole body and she is in the more popular pink bow with a matching pink jumper. This one is an oversized mug that can hold 20 ounces. You can order one from the Silver Buffalo store.

Hello Kitty Valentine’s Day mug with lid

Valentine's day Hello Kitty mug

This mug will make you fall in love with love. This Hello Kitty mug was designed for Valentine’s Day. It comes with a lid that has a heart-shaped top and the mug has Hello Kitty’s head and hearts printed all over it. You can get one from Walmart.

Hello Kitty pink stripes mug with lid

Pink stripes with lid Hello Kitty mugs

This ceramic mug comes with a matching lid. The lid has Hello Kitty’s head as its top. The mug has pink stripes all around it and the front part shows Hello Kitty in her signature pink look. You can order this one from Toynk.

Hello Kitty Halloween mug

Halloween Hello Kitty mug

This Halloween-themed Hello Kitty mug gives you a Hello Kitty in a black skeleton costume. She comes with a matching black bow and black handle too. A unique find compared to all the usual pink and red Hello Kitty mugs. You can order this one at Depop.

Hello Kitty zodiac coffee mug

Zodiac Hello Kitty mugs

This Hello Kitty mug features Hello Kitty representing all the zodiac signs. It’s also a great find for those who adore Hello Kitty but don’t love pink since it’s more of a white and yellow mug. You can get this unique Hello Kitty mug from Mercari.

Hello Kitty clear coffee mug

clear Hello Kitty mugs

Fond of clear mugs? You get to see what you are drinking and they are aesthetic. This is a cool Hello Kitty mug for you. The mug is jumbo size and can hold 16 oz of your favorite drink. You can get this mug from Wishfulcups.

No matter what your drink of choice is, you can have a pretty and lovely morning with these Hello Kitty mugs.

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