Harry Potter Party Foods Worthy of a Hogwarts Feast

Harry Potter party foods

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Are you throwing a Harry Potter-themed party? No matter what the occasion may be, it is always a good idea to also serve Harry Potter-themed food at your party!

One of the most fascinating scenes in the Harry Potter movies happens in the Great Hall where all the students share a great feast. Your party should be the same! Read on to see a list of awesome Harry Potter party foods.

Sorting hat cupcakes

Sorting hat cupcakes Harry Potter party foods

These cupcakes will be a hit at your Harry Potter party. They look like ordinary cupcakes with a sorting hat topper but when you bite into them, they reveal a gooey chocolate filling with a color that reveals what Hogwarts schoolhouse you’re in. Get the recipe from Good Housekeeping.

Aunt Petunia’s pudding

Aunt Petunia's pudding Harry Potter party foods

Remember that epic scene when Dobby toyed around and dropped Aunt Petunia’s pudding to get Harry in trouble? You can recreate that pudding with this recipe from Feast of Starlight. Any guest would want to have a taste of this beautiful-looking treat.

Golden Snitch truffles

Golden snitch truffles Harry Potter party foods

Once you serve these golden snitch truffles, you can be assured that they will be flying off the plate. The recipe is that good and you only need three ingredients and it is so easy to make. Serve with paper wings to complete the look! Check out the video tutorial of Dinner Mom.

Nimbus 2000s

Nimbus 2000s Harry Potter party foods

Here is a super easy dessert idea that you can prepare in bulk in just a few minutes. The Nimbus 2000 was the fastest broomstick during the time Harry joined the Gryffindor Quidditch team. He got one as a gift from Professor McGonagall. This Nimbus 2000 is created using a pretzel stick and a mini peanut butter cup. Check out how Beyond the Noms pulled this one off.

Pretzel wands

Pretzel wands Harry Potter party foods

Anyone can feel like a wizard when you serve these chocolate pretzel wands at your party. The pretzel sticks are dipped in chocolate melts and are decorated with edible stars. Check out The Inspiration Edit for the full recipe.

Pumpkin pasties

Pumpkin pasties Harry Potter party foods

In the movie, we can see pumpkin pastries being sold on the Honeydukes Express, the train students take to get to Hogwarts. It’s actually the first treat Harry tried. You can recreate the pumpkin treat by checking out this recipe from Fun Money Mom. This is a recipe that you can make in advance so you can have fewer things to prep on the big day.

Sherbet lemons

Sherbet lemons Harry Potter party foods

Dumbledore is known for his fondness of sherbet lemons – a hard candy commonly known to us muggles as lemon drops. In fact, he keeps a handful in his pockets. You can serve this treat along with other desserts at your Harry Potter-themed party. Get this sherbet lemon recipe from Picnic on a Broom.

Kreacher’s French onion soup

Kreacher's French onion soup Harry Potter party foods

Not everyone is a fan of Kreacher but in the book, his character changes for the good and even leads the house elves in the battle at Hogwarts. Kreacher started cooking great meals and one meal he served Harry, Ron, and Hermione is his French onion soup. Soup is great to serve for dinner or when you are having a party during the colder months. Get the recipe from The Starving Chef.

Ham and cheese howlers

Ham and cheese howlers Harry Potter party foods

If you are looking for something simple so you can easily make them in large batches, you should check out these Ham and cheese howlers. This Harry Potter party food idea is inspired by the howler – a magical letter that enchants the written letter into the writer’s voice at a high volume. These ham and cheese howlers will not be screaming at you but you will find them to be bursting with flavor. Get the recipe from Mommy’s Movie Magic.


Butterbeer Harry Potter party foods

Of course, a Harry Potter party will not be complete without the most famous drink in the books and movies – the butterbeer! Turns out you can easily recreate this sweet drink and this recipe from Fun Money Mom turns out to be just as good as the butterbeer being sold in Universal Studios. This drink is non-alcoholic so you do not have to worry about keeping it away from the kids.

Let your party be as magical as the great feast of Hogwarts with these amazing Harry Potter party foods!

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