Galactic Delights: Five Star Trek Cupcakes

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Star Trek and its many iconic characters have played a major role in the development of sci-fi as we know it. The dynamic original series shot to fame due to the dynamic storylines, character development, and on-screen diversity; a rare gem in 60’s television. 

And while it may be obvious how much I love the Star Trek franchise, there’s nothing I love more than a thematically decorated cupcake. This blog is dedicated to five of the most delicious looking Star Trek cupcakes that you can either place an order for, or make in your very own kitchen. So strap in to your seats as the Enterprise takes on another adventure!

 Custom Star Trek Cupcakes:

12 decorated star trek cupcakes

These cupcakes have been decorated in the very recognisable uniforms worn by the Enterprise officers. From Command Gold, to Science Blues and Engineering Red, these cupcakes will have you reaching for more. And if you’re lucky enough to live in Aberdeen, you can order your very own cakes from this business. 

Star Trek Cupcake Toppers:

12 cupcakes with Star Trek badges and uniforms

These Star Trek cupcakes are decorated in detailed uniforms along with close ups of each badge type. The shirts even have strips to showcase the ranks of each officer such as the Captain’s gold command stripes. These cupcakes are offered in chocolate, red velvet, and vanilla flavors. 

Star Trek Variety Cupcakes:

Decorated cupcakes with iconic Star Trek phrases, the SS Enterprise, uniforms, and Quark

The variety shown in these cupcakes is unlike any other. With the SS Enterprise, Quark, the Vulcan salute, and some iconic quotes from the original series, these cupcakes are unmatched. If you live roundabout Surrey, then these professionally baked cupcakes could be available at your next party!

Buttercream Almond Cupcakes:

4 cupcakes with Star Trek uniform badges

These delicious cupcakes can be made from the comfort of your own home. It calls for small badge molds that end in you making your home-made perfection. Using food safe silver spray, you can bring each badge to life that you can nest on different colored fondant. 

Buttercream Cupcakes:

This Nerdy Nummies cupcake recipe by Rosanna Pansino is a fan favorite. While the buttercream frosting is colored in the uniforms of Enterprise officers, the insides have a fruity surprise. Pick whether you want a vanilla, chocolate, or blueberry cupcake. So let’s get ready to engage!

Whether you buy these cupcakes or make them at home, they’re completely out of this world! As we warp-speed to the conclusion of our Star Trek cupcake odyssey, it’s evident that these sweet treats have not only delighted our taste buds but also transported us to the final frontier of culinary creativity. Each cupcake, a delectable homage to the iconic elements of the sci-fi show, has added a sprinkle of whimsy to our voyage. Live long and savor the sweetness!

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