5 Star Trek Leggings for True Trekkies

Star Trek Leggings

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It’s true, you can buy just about anything on the Internet. Case in point, I boldly when forth to seek out new leggings where no legs have gone before and found 5 Star Trek leggings just for you all.

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Star Trek Logo Leggings

Star Trek Logo Leggings

Starting off simple with these solid black leggings with a big silver Start Trek logo on the thigh. These Star Trek leggings are more subtle then some of those to come. You can get these from DeelaDesigns on Etsy (love the Boba Fett tattoo on the model as well!)

Star Trek Enterprise Leggings

Star Trek Enterprise Leggings

For a little bit more of a space feel check out these space leggings with the Enterprise on them. You can get these from SpicyMonocle on Etsy.

Bad Christmas Sweater Star Trek Leggings

Ugly Christmas Sweater Star Trek Leggings

If you ever find yourself at a Star Trek themed Christmas party then these Ugly Star Trek Christmas Leggings would be perfect for you. These leggings which are the perfect blend of Christmas, Ugly and Star Trek can be found at the UglyChristmasSweater store.

Star Trek Logo Overload Leggings

Star Trek Logo Overload Leggings

Adorn yourself in the Star Trek logo with these Star Trek logo leggings. These actually look pretty cool and I think would look perfect on any woman. You can pick up a pair at MindOddity

The Riker Maneuver Leggings

riker-manuvour The Riker Maneuver Leggings

I couldn’t feature a list of Star Trek Leggings without these beauties. A rare find but a true gem in the pile, nothing screams trekkie more than these Riker Maneuver Leggings. Get yours quick from RedBubble.

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