5 Doctor Who Puzzles That Are Out of This World

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Doctor Who and his many regenerations have been saving the world through time and space. The sci-fi British series has garnered many die hard fans that have followed along with the Doctor’s adventures since it first aired on the BBC. 

This blog post aims to take you on a whirlwind adventure as you solve mysterious puzzles from the comfort of your own living room. Be prepared to dive headfirst into these puzzles that are sure to warp your perception of time and space. 

3d Tardis Puzzle:

A craft metal 3d puzzle of the Tardis from Doctor Who

While the Doctor’s Tardis may have malfunctioned, this 3d puzzle is in top notch condition. In its signature Blue color, the tardis puzzle is made out of top quality craft metal material. So, not only would this be an excellent way to spend a weekend, you also get a lovely decorative item at the end of your hard work. 

3d Gold Dalek Puzzle:

A gold Dalek 3d puzzle

This hobby model kit is an ideal way to unwind at the end of your week. You can easily clip each part from the metal sheet with the included tweezer in the bundle. Be careful to not be exterminated when you finish this adorable miniature killing machine. Additionally, once you complete it, the model’s bold color will make it an excellent conversation piece in your home.

3d Cyberman Puzzle:

A craft model of a Cyberman head from Doctor Who

This 3d puzzle makes for a wonderful present for any Whovian that likes to kick back with a brain teaser. This top quality craft metal kit is sure to take you for spin as you complete it. Be careful to not show too much emotion, though or you might get deleted. 

11th Doctor’s Jigsaw Puzzle:

This special anniversary edition puzzle features the 11th Doctor Who and his formidable opponents. It also makes an amazing present for you or your fellow Whovians. This top rated 500 piece puzzle will keep you busy and entertained for a while.

3d K9 Puzzle:

A craft model version of K9 from Doctor Who

This intricately crafted metal puzzle pays homage to the beloved robotic companion from the Doctor Who universe, K9. Enjoy assembling this detailed replica, piece by piece, as you recreate the iconic character in your own home.

These five Doctor Who puzzles have transported us through time and space as they have challenged our minds. Each puzzle, a portal to a different corner of the TARDIS, has allowed us to unravel mysteries alongside the Doctor. So, fellow puzzle enthusiasts and Time Lords in training, as you complete these puzzles, may your appreciation for the enigmatic wonders of Doctor Who continue to grow across galaxies and regenerations.

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