Doctor Who Cosplay Ideas for Adults

Doctor Who Cosplay

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Cosplay is a fun way to show your passion and love for your favorite characters. Fortunately for Whovians, it is so easy to get creative with any kind of Doctor Who character you are aiming for.

Dressing up for a Whovian gathering does not have to be too hard. Check out this list of Doctor Who cosplay ideas for adults.

Rose Tyler dress and jacket

Rose Tyler Doctor Who cosplay

When Rose Tyler put on a pink dress, heels, and bomber jacket, almost everyone lost their minds. It was so different from her usual look and showed the fun and flirty side of her. Ladies can recopy this look easily but you can effortlessly get the whole outfit from CosDaddy.

Eleventh doctor fez and bowtie

Eleventh doctor fez and bow tie Doctor Who cosplay

The eleventh doctor has an outfit that is easy to copy with normal suit. But you can make your outfit more “official” with this fez and bow tie set. The fez and bow tie have been iconic since the eleventh doctor wears them on special occasions. You can order this set from Elope.

Dalek dress

Dalek dress Doctor Who cosplay

If you are looking for something cute and girly, check out this Dalek dress costume inspired by the bronze Daleks. This golden mini dress comes with an antenna headband and the bell skirt has the Dalek sense globes printed on it. You can order this from Poshmark.

Fifth Doctor full set costume

Fifth doctor full set Doctor Who cosplay

The fifth doctor has a one-of-a-kind beige cot that you won’t just find in any thrift shop these days. Luckily, you can get a costume and have one as your own thanks to ACcosplay. It even comes complete with the polo shirt that has question marks on the collar.

Twelfth doctor coat

Twelfth doctor coat Doctor Who cosplay

The twelfth doctor’s iconic black coat with red inner lining looked so cool and flashy every time he moved around. You can get a replica of that coat for your next Whovian gathering from RoleCosplay.

Cyberman full zip-up hoodie

Cyberman full zip-up hoodie Doctor Who cosplay

Here’s something you can easily put on when you arrive at the venue and take off when the gathering is over. It’s a great idea for those who are not really fond of dressing up but want to go to a Whovian gathering. You can choose to dress like a cyberman with this full zip-up hoodie. You can order one from Elope.

Sixth doctor colorful coat suit

Sixth doctor colorful coat Doctor Who cosplay

If you want to stand out in any Whovian gathering, you should try going as the sixth doctor. He has one of the most colorful outfits in the Doctor Who series and you would feel like you really went out of your way to dress up for the occasion. You can order this costume from ACcosplay.

TARDIS dress

TARDIS dress Doctor Who cosplay

The TARDIS is one of the most recognizable icons of the Doctor Who universe so ladies, you should dress like one. But you do not have to hide your curves in a box. Check out this fancy dress that comes with a cute fancy hat. You can order this one from Blossom Accessories.

Thirteenth Doctor full costume set

Thirteenth doctor full costume Doctor Who cosplay

Why waste time looking for individual items to pull off one outfit when you can get the whole set in one purchase? The full set includes the thirteenth doctor’s coat, shirt, suspenders, and trousers. You can purchase this set from 1404.

Tenth doctor costume shirt

Tenth Doctor costume shirt Doctor Who cosplay

Looking for something light and easy? Check out this Doctor Who cosplay idea. It’s a shirt that packs in the tenth doctor’s shirt, suit, and coat. Pair it up with pants and the tenth doctor’s trademark Converse sneakers and you are good to go! You can get this shirt from Walmart.

With these Doctor Who Cosplay ideas, you will always come prepared for any Whovian gathering.

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