Delicious Doctor Who Cupcakes That Are Out Of This World

Doctor Who cupcakes

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Doctor Who is a beloved TV series and a huge part of British pop culture. The adventures of the popular time lord known as the Doctor have fascinated fans of all ages. And this is no surprise since it is the longest-running sci-fi TV show in the world.

If you’re a huge Whovian and you want to throw a Doctor Who themed party or you simply just want to eat some good cupcakes that scream you love the show, read on to see a list of amazing Doctor Who cupcakes that you can bake.

Adipose cupcakes

adipose Doctor Who cupcakes

The Adipose in the Doctor Who show look like marshmallows so this baker thought they would look great as a cupcake topper. She was right! With this idea, you can bake any kind of cupcake you want and just stick these adipose toppers. Check out The Baker Upstairs if you want to know how to pull this off.

Dalek cupcakes

dalek Doctor Who cupcakes

The Daleks are an extraterrestrial race in the Doctor Who universe. Who would have thought they would look so good as baked treats? This Dalek recipe by Joanna Farrow makes use of candy sticks, sweets, and cupcake cases to create the Dalek army. Get the full recipe and tutorial from The Happy Foodie.

Tardis cupcakes

tardis Doctor Who cupcakes

What is Doctor Who without the TARDIS? This time machine and spacecraft hybrid is an essential part of the Doctor’s adventures! You can order these Doctor Who Tardis cupcakes from Tanner & Gates Creative Cake Studio and they can create them for you in different flavors.

Doctor Who set cupcakes

Doctor Who cupcakes set

This set of cupcakes by SwissyMissy covers iconic elements from the Doctor Who Series. The details on the fondant toppings are amazing they look too pretty to eat. She even managed to make the cybermen look adorable.

The 11th doctor cupcakes

The 11th doctor Doctor Who cupcakes

If you are looking for something simple to make and you are a huge fan of the 11th Doctor, this is the cupcake for you. These cupcakes showcases a red bowtie and a fez – accessories that the 11th doctor wears during the show. You can get the recipe from Recipe For Perfection.

Cosmic cupcakes

cosmic Doctor Who cupcakes

A Doctor Who theme would not be complete without space elements. Here is a pretty cosmic cupcake that anyone can pull off. You can top it off with a Doctor Who topper too. This baker went for a Dalek cupcake wrap in the end. To see what it looks like and to get the recipe for this beautiful cupcake, visit Sweet Pea’s.

Season 11 cupcakes

Season 11 Doctor Who cupcakes

Baker Jenny Lorelei was so impressed with the 11th season of Doctor Who that she made a set of cupcakes revolving around it. Season 11 marked the introduction of the 13th Doctor, who happens to be the first official Doctor of the series as well.

Time travel cupcakes

time travel Doctor Who cupcakes

This TARDIS looks like it is taking a Doctor on another adventure with the matching galaxy cupcakes. Anyone can just imagine the Doctor traveling through time once more. These blue yummy treats are created by Cathy’s Cakes.

Rose’s cupcake

Roses cupcake Doctor Who cupcakes

Do you remember that time when Rose Tyler made the tenth Doctor a cupcake? It was such a sweet and simple gesture of her love. You can easily recreate that cupcake with edible ball bearing. Check out this recipe from Fiction-Food Cafe.

The Doctors cupcakes

the doctors Doctor Who cupcakes

These cupcakes from Catcakes Madrid amazingly depict the outfits of 12 Doctors. If you have incredible fondant shaping skills, this is a project that you can pull off! The chocolate cupcakes come with a blue vanilla custard buttercream. Can you spot your favorite Doctor?

Cupcakes are fun to bake and when it comes to design and flavor, there are so many things that you can do with them. You will surely find something in this list if you are looking for a great Doctor Who cupcake idea to bake or order.

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