Cool Moana T-shirts Fit for Adults

Moana t-shirts

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Moana is not only a movie that teaches about Polynesian culture but it is also entertaining enough for people of all ages. The humor is timeless and relatable and the animation is breathtaking. Plus the songs are very catchy!

So, it is no wonder that even adults love Moana. In fact, these adult fans are fond of purchasing Moana T-shirts just to show how much they loved the movie. If you are a huge Moana fan, read on to see a list of great Moana T-shirts that you can purchase.


just an ordinary demi-dad Moana t-shirts

For the amazing Dad who loves Moana, this is the t-shirt for you. You can impress the little ones and show off to the world what a great Demi-Dad you are with it. You can make an order from TeeWorldTX.

I’m too shiny

I'll never hide I'm too shiny Moana t-shirts

Do you have a personality as big as Tamatoa’s? Then this shirt is for you! It definitely points out that you are not the shy type. You can get this shirt from Disney.

Make your journeys epic

make your journeys epic Moana t-shirts

For those who love to travel, this is the perfect Moana T-shirt for you. It features Maui and reminds you to make every journey epic. You will definitely be reminded that you are on a break and that you should be having a good time. Get this shirt from Target.

Beware the Kakamora

Beware the Kakamora Moana t-shirts

Among the creatures we encounter in Moana is the Kakamora. The coconut-like creatures may try to look terrifying but they still look adorable. This shirt shows them standing on top of each other like a totem. You can order this shirt from Disney.

Beach more worry less

Beach more worry less Moana t-shirts

Most of us forget about our troubles when we are on the beach. For the ladies who love to hit the beach, this is a great Moana T-shirt for you. It’s the perfect shirt to wear on your next beach trip! You can get this carefree shirt from Walmart.

I’m in charge here

I'm in charge here Moana t-shirts

Heihei is no doubt one of the most popular characters in Moana. The crazy rooster provided so much humor that adults loved him as well. Here is a Heihei shirt that you can buy and it says that you are in charge! You can order this Moana t-shirt from the Disney Store.

Let me talk about myself

Let me talk about myself in song form Moana t-shirts

This Moana t-shirt is perfect for the singer in you or if you are the type who likes to talk to a tune. Show everyone that Tamatoa is your spirit animal. You can get this shirt from Walmart.

I can lift a whole island

I can lift a whole island Moana t-shirts

For the gym-buff Moana fan, this is the perfect shirt for you. It features the demigod Maui, the guardian of mankind. Get this shirt to show that you are as strong and buff as he is! You can make an order from Disney.

Where the food meets the wine

See the line where the food meets the wine it calls me Moana t-shirts

Love Moana and love food? Let your passions show with this t-shirt. The print is a wordplay on the “How Far I Go” lyrics and is very appropriate for the foodie in every woman. You can get this shirt from Birdhouse Design Studio.

Sail beyond the horizon

Sail beyond the horizon Moana t-shirts

Do you often go sailing? Or maybe you are bound to take a cruise soon? Bring your love for Moana with you by wearing this shirt and let people see your adventurous side. You can order this from Walmart.

Show everyone how much the sea calls you and how far you can go with these adult Moana t-shirts!

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