Bring the Magic Anywhere with these Harry Potter Purses

Harry Potter purses

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The best merchandise you can get are the ones that you actually get to use so they do not just end up as clutter in your home. And female Potterheads are lucky enough to have countless choices when it comes to Harry Potter purses.

Harry Potter purses are very useful so you won’t feel like you are wasting your money on merchandise at all. Check out this list of Harry Potter purses that you can use every day.

Golden Snitch

Golden snitch Harry Potter purses

Want something that grabs attention? Check out this Golden Snitch bag. It is a circular purse that comes with a gold crossbody strap and has removable wings. The bag has a metallic gold finish and the wings have a gold fur coat. You can order this one from the Harry Potter Shop.

Stardust bag

Stardust Harry Potter purses

This Harry Potter-inspired purse is a treat. The top part of the bag is a transparent layer containing shiny gold star glitter. The stars are movable so it moves around when your bag is in motion. The top part also has Harry Potter symbols printed on it. You can order this bag from ThisisArkofLove.

Elder wand

Elder wand Harry Potter purses

This officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise is in collaboration with Loungefly. It looks very simple from afar but up close, you can see a golden Elder wand on the handle. The bag also has the Deathly Hallows symbol embossed in it. You can order this bag from Geek Core.

Harry Potter stars and symbols

Stars and symbols Harry Potter purses

This faux leather bag comes with silver and gold stars and symbols from the Harry Potter universe. The bag comes with a Hedwig charm. You can order this Harry Potter purse from The Shop That Must Not Be Named.

Hermione’s cauldron

Hermione's cauldron Harry Potter purses

If Hermione is your girl and you want a bag that shouts to the world you are a Potterhead, this is the Harry Potter purse for you. It’s shaped into a cauldron with embossed rose gold lettering and designs. It even has a clear applique at the top that makes it look like the cauldron is steaming. Order one from BoxLunch.

Harry Potter satchel bags

Satchel Harry Potter purses

Here is a subtle way to declare what Hogwarts house you want to be in without drawing much attention to what a big Potterhead you are. This handcrafted bag has the House Crest logo embossed at the front and on the inner side. The colors of the satchel represent the Hogwarts house too. Get this Harry Potter purse from ThisisArkofLove.

Hogwarts crest satchel

Hogwarts crest Harry Potter purses

If you are looking for a Harry Potter purse that looks a bit sophisticated and low-tune, this mini satchel is the perfect choice for you. It simply bears the Hogwarts crest on the front part of the bag. You can order one from The Shop That Must Not Be Named.

Hogwarts acceptance letter

Hogwarts acceptance letter Harry Potter purses

Getting an acceptance letter from Hogwarts is worth bragging about and getting a purse that looks like the famous envelope is the closest thing you can get to it. The Hogwarts crest is actually the metal clasp of the bag and it contains Harry Potter’s address in gold lettering. You can order this purse from the Harry Potter shop.

Fall-themed deathly hallows

Fall-themed deathly hallows Harry Potter purses

This is a very beautiful Harry Potter purse that would add a magical touch to your autumn outfits. The bag is shaped like the Deathly Hallows triangle and is beautifully decorated with fall-themed colors. The back of the bag features Hedwig in flight. You can get this bag from Fun.

Hogwarts house

Hogwarts house Harry Potter purses

This designer handbag by Bioworld is an officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise so it is a great bag to have for Potterheads. Every Hogwarts House has its own design and each bag comes with a Hogwarts crest charm. You can get this Harry Potter purse from Bioworld.

Why have an ordinary bag when you can bring a bit of magic with you thanks to these Harry Potter purses?

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