Bite into Royalty with these Disney Princess Cupcakes Ideas

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Disney gives us a lot of Princess figures to look up to. So why stick to one favorite when it’s possible to have all the Disney Princesses you want? If you want princess-themed cupcakes, there’s no need to choose.

Whether you are a fan of Disney Princesses and you love cupcakes or you are a loving mother trying to plan a party for your daughter, here’s a list of Disney Princess cupcakes that you should check out.

Tiny Princess Cupcakes

Tiny Princess Cupcakes

Step into a fairy tale with these fun Disney Princess cupcakes! Each cupcake has a princess on top with frosting in bright colors like yellow and blue, just like their dresses. They look super pretty with tiny, colorful candy pieces scattered all around. These cupcakes are perfect for a Disney party or a special snack to make you smile!

Icing skirts

Icing skirts Disney princess cupcakes

These beautiful Disney princess cupcakes look like they are too pretty to eat. The chocolate cupcakes are topped with Swiss meringue buttercream icing. The icing comes in colors to match the dress of every Disney Princess. Check out Amy Treasure for more details.

Fondant dresses

Fondant dresses Disney princess cupcakes

These Disney Princess cupcakes come with their dresses as the topper. The toppers are made out of fondant. Check out Top The Cupcake and read how she created these delicious treats and her secret to making fondant dresses.

Petal skirts

Petal skirts Disney princess cupcakes

The icing in these Disney Princess cupcakes looks like petals and it achieves a very pretty result. The cupcake toppers are cardstock prints and they get to stand erect with the help of lollipop sticks. Get the recipe and tutorial from With Sprinkles on Top.

Princess heads

Princess heads Disney princess cupcakes

These cupcakes have the faces of your favorite Disney Princesses as toppers. The head toppers are made out of fondant. The faces stick out from the cupcakes because they are on top of the icing. Visit Irma’s Cake Tutorials to watch her video tutorial.

Princess outfits

Princess outfits Disney princess cupcakes

Here’s a Disney Princess cupcake idea that you can easily grab. Top them off with a fondant art depicting the outfit of every princess. It’s a great way to show off your fondant designing skills. These treats are the creation of MimiPasta.

Princess symbols

Princess symbols Disney princess cupcakes

Here’s a great idea that you can grab. These Disney Princess cupcakes use symbols that represent each princess as the topper. For example, the magic lamp for Jasmine and the shoe for Cinderella. You can be very creative about it too. Check out Sandra’s cakes for more details.

Marbled cupcakes

Marbled Disney Princess cupcakes

One look at these cupcakes and you can easily tell which one represents which Disney princess. The details put into each one are amazing. It looks like something that you should display forever. Check out Bigger Bolder Baking for the video tutorial.

Princess necklines

necklines Disney Princess cupcakes

These Disney Princess cupcakes from Candy Clay Cupcakes come with a fondant topping. The toppers show the necklines of the dresses of every princess and you can easily tell which princess each cupcake represents. It’s a cute idea for older kids.

Princess peplum tops

Peplum tops Disney princess cupcakes

These Disney Princess cupcakes have toppers that revamped their dresses into tube peplum tops. Despite the change in style, you can still tell which princess each cupcake represents. These treats are a creation of baker Dee2307.

You will surely feel like you are royalty once you bite into these Disney Princess cupcakes!

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