Animal Crossing Cookies to Satisfy Every Gamer’s Sweet Tooth

Animal Crossing cookies

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When it comes to simulation games, Animal Crossing is no doubt one of Nintendo’s pride. Everything in this game looks so cute that you can just eat everything up! What if we tell you that you can do that?

Picture this out – Animal Crossing-themed cookies. Is your imagination running wild? There is so much you can do with this adorable theme. Check out this list of Animal Crossing cookies.

Sugar cookies

Animal Crossing sugar cookies

These Animal Crossing sugar cookies from Luli Sweet Shop comes with royal icing. The baker designs everything with her own hands. Everything that you see on these Animal Crossing cookies are edible.

Avatar and icons

Avatar and icons Animal Crossing cookies

These Animal Crossing cookies are all about the avatars and icons of the well-loved game. The baker decorates these sweet treats with royal icing individually. You can order these cookies from Take the Biscuit UK.

New Leaf sugar cookies

Animal Crossing New Leaf cookies

These cookies take inspiration from the Animal Crossing: New Leaf game. The recipe involves sugar cookie dough, almond flavoring, and Greek yogurt buttercream. You can get the recipe from Fiction Food.

Tanuki critters

Tanuki critters Animal Crossing cookies

These Animal Crossing cookies feature the tanuki critters – Tom Nook, Timmy, and Tommy. Famous icing cookie maker WHIP SUGAR is the proud owner of this work. If you are a fan of the tanuki critters, you should try to recreate this design or ask your favorite bakeshop to do so.

Birthday cookies

Animal Crossing birthday cookies

These birthday cookies are a creation of Summit Cookie Co. and the details in each cookie design are spot on. Everything looks so pretty that it is almost a shame to eat them!

Tom Nook and icons

Tom Nook and icons Animal Crossing cookies

These Animal Crossing cookies feature Tom Nook and other game icons like the money bag, fossil, and leaf. You have to admire the details in the design of the cookie. You can place an order for this set from Take The Biscuit UK.

Nintendo and characters

Nintendo and characters Animal Crossingcookies

Sweet Creativity decorates this set of Animal Crossing cookies with royal icing. The set features the Nintendo Switch with the game on the screen and some beloved characters from Animal Crossing.

New Horizons characters

New Horizon characters Animal Crossing cookies

These cookies are inspired by the Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters. It turns out that baking these treats is not as hard as it looks. You can watch this video tutorial from Best Bakes in the House.

With these cookie ideas, you can confidently throw an Animal Crossing-themed gathering any time you want. Or simply bake them just because you want to and you can. Pay homage to your favorite game and satisfy your sweet tooth with these yummy Animal Crossing cookies.

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