5 Signs We Are Playing Too Much PokemonGo

5 Signs We Are Playing Too Much PokemonGo

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The entire world has been gripped in a new sensation. Everywhere people are playing PokemonGo and hunting down Pokemon in the wild. Only a few days after the launch of this addictive game, there are signs that maybe we are getting a little too carried away.

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Employee’s Post Warnings

Employee's Post Warnings

You know you are playing too much PokemonGo when your employer has to send out a warning notice reminding you that you actually work for them, not as a Pokemon trainer.

Pokemon’s Are For Paying Customers

Pokemon's Are For Paying Customers

Its used to be that stores would post signs saying that restrooms are for paying customers only. Now they are having to protect the Pokemon’s in their store’s a restrict them to paying customers only.

Pokemon Selfies

Pokemon Selfies

Nothing says Fandom more than taking a selfie with your friends when you find a Pokemon on a street corner. Well played ASwannyOne, we salute you.

Pokemon Hunt Overcrowding

Pokemon Hunt Overcrowding


That moment when you turn up to catch a Pokemon only to find everyone has got there before you.

Mom’s Freak’s Out Because You Went Outside

Mom's Freakout

You know a game has got to a crazy level when your mom starts to freak out because you actually went outside. How was the sunlight Noah?

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