Make Your Kitchen Magical with Disney themed Kitchenware

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Mickey Mouse has been capturing the hearts of generations when he first appeared in an animated short in 1928. Since then, the lovable cartoon mouse has come a long way from his first appearance as Steamboat Willie. Now, he has become a household name and is the most recognized Disney mascot around the world. 

Mickey continues to win the hearts of new generations and will probably do so for many years to come. And if you’re as crazy about Mickey as I am, then you’ll be delighted to hear about the selection of charming Disney kitchenware to add to your home.

Mickey and Minnie Tea Towels

If you are looking for both functionality and design, this Disney tea towel set not only adds some colour to your kitchen, but its soft cotton fiber is gentle on both your hands and your dishes. You can pick among the colors black, blue, red, and green. This patterned tea towel set of 3 makes a perfect present for your friends or family. 

Engraved Rolling Pin

An engraved Disney rolling pin with a Mickey pattern

This classy rolling pin is engraved with Mickey Mouse and makes for a wonderful addition to your kitchen. If you’re an avid baker, then this rolling pin is the perfect addition to your baking arsenal. With this tool, you can decorate your cookies perfectly each time. Grab a glass of warm milk with your Mickey cookies and watch a Disney movie to accompany your perfect snack!

Chef Mickey Engraved Utensil Holder

A silver utensil holder with a Chef Mickey silhouette

This Chef Mickey utensil holder is available in 3 sizes, the largest of which can hold all manner of kitchen utensils. The small and medium sizes make it the perfect candle holder. If your style is more minimalistic, then this Disney kitchenware is an absolute bargain. Its sleek design and neutral tone won’t clash with the rest of your kitchen while still being a statement piece.

Mickey and Minnie Pot Holder

These vintage styled pot holders merge practicality with fantasy. With the classically styled Mickey and Minnie Mouse decorating the front of the pot holders, you can add some more flair to your kitchen.

Mickey and Minnie Waffle Maker

A blue waffle maker with Mickey Mouse on the front, with the phrase "All good" on it

If you’re open to splurging a little on your holiday spending, this Mickey/Minnie waffle maker is perfect. The waffle maker lets you make Mickey or Minnie waffles and really adds some magic to your mundane mornings. Kitchenware has never been more desirable!

Mickey Ceramic Measuring Cups

A green ceramic Christmas tree with green and red Mickey and Minnie mouse Christmas icons and ornaments

This charming holiday themed Disney kitchenware is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Six ceramic measuring cups, stacked to resemble a Christmas tree, transform the practical into a charming display! The subtle design on each of the measuring cups shows off Mickey icons along with other holiday ornaments, making your kitchen look festive all year long. 

Mickey and Pluto Toaster

A yellow toaster with a Mickey and Pluto hugging on the side

If you want to sprinkle some whimsy into your morning routine, this toaster is just the thing your kitchen needs. Available in a sunny yellow color, this two slice toaster imprints Mickey and Pluto onto your toast. You can also adjust the browning tone to get the perfect shade of imprint on to your toast.

Whether you’re a Mickey fan or not, these items will have you reaching for your wallet. And if you’re able to part with this wonderful kitchenware, you’ll become an instant favorite during family gatherings. Happy shopping!

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